6 Factors Impacting the Claims Caseload

6 Factors Impacting the Claims Caseload


Due to many factors, the business climate in this country is more severe than ever before.  Insurance companies are under the same, if not more, financial pressures that all other business face.  The new mantra, “Do more, with less” can only be pushed so far before severe consequences manifest themselves.  These consequences are generally suffered by the insured experiencing a catastrophic insurance claim that results in a bad outcome.


This article, published by our friends at Property Casualty 360 offers a rare glimpse into the world of the insurance company adjuster.  Caseloads are increasing while resources are being limited.  When it comes to your ability to recover from a disaster, this article spells out the many challenges the insurance industry faces.


How does this all relate to completing and maintaining a home or business inventory?  To borrow a phrase from the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared”, is the only way for an insured to guarantee that their best interests are served at the point of a catastrophic claim.


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  • Phil Matthews

    Was curious on your thoughts with The Chubb Ins. Group specifically the property insurance. There product, service and approach.


    Phil Matthews

    August 21, 2013 at 11:21 am

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