Sandstone Village Fire, Fishers, IN

Three homes located in Sandstone Village, Fishers, IN were destroyed by fire on the afternoon of August 27.  The fire started in the attic of one of the homes due to an electrical problem that had been previously worked on by an electrician.  The homeowner noticed smoke filling the home and immediately called 911.  The nearest firehouse was 1/2 mile from the scene and an ambulance was first to show up before any firetrucks arrived.   The ladder truck with pumper showed up on the scene some 8 minutes later from a firehouse farther to the east of the scene.  Neighborhood residents questioned the slow response, which was defended by the Fishers Fire Chief.  Winds spread the fire quickly to neighboring homes before the firefighters finally arrived.


Many factors seemed to come together at the same time that contributed to the disaster.  Unfortunately, the prevailing though with most homeowners is that it will never happen to me.  This disaster once again reminds us that it does happen with indiscriminate regularity.  Hopefully, the four homeowners each had an inventory of their personal property so that they will be spared the “disaster within the disaster” of putting together their inventory (for the insurance company)  from their recollections of what they once owned.


Don’t let this happen to you.  If you think having an inventory of your personal possessions is “a good idea”, save yourself some future heartache and get it done now.

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