What Our Clients Have To Say

A Systematic Approach to Capturing the Images


Thank you for the wonderful service in completing our home inventory. We appreciated your professional friendly service.  Helping us identify critical items to inventory and having images from an independent professional adds legitimacy to the inventory.


Having the printed and thumb drive versions of the information is priceless.  I stopped by my insurance agent’s office and shared the files.  Using the thumb drive you provided he immediately downloaded the inventory to his electronic file which gives us  another backup of the information.


What I appreciated most about your service is your inventory experience. You had a systematic approach to capturing the images of the critical items and also a method of documenting the images of many miscellaneous items.  Those items I know we would miss should we find ourselves trying to itemize the contents of our home after a disaster. The fact that your company is bonded and insured gave us added confidence in your service.

R., Lowell, MI


My Insurance Agent Was Very Impressed


For years I planned on doing a complete inventory, with pictures, of everything in my home, garage, and carriage house. But like so many people I never got around to doing it. Then a friend’s home was broken into and many items were stolen. She filed an insurance claim and was paid for her stolen property. Months later she realized there were other items missing. When she tried to file another claim she was told by her insurance company that once a claim is filed and paid there can be no additions to the claim. She lost over $8,000. I then realized I needed to do something to protect my property. That’s when I contacted Northern Inventory.


They arrived promptly on the day of my appointment and on that day they took pictures, recorded serial numbers, and made a list of all my property. Within a week I was presented with a CD, a set of pictures, and a typed complete list of all my items. All that was left for me to do was put a dollar value on my property. They are professional, efficient, and bonded. I love the fact that, for a nominal fee, they will come back once a year to do any necessary updates.


I took my binder to my insurance agent and he was very impressed. He wishes more people would do this to protect their property and recoup any losses due to theft or disasters that might happen. I strongly recommend everyone using this service to safeguard their belongings.

J.W., Muskegon, MI