Weather Patterns Cause Uncertainty

Tornadoes are frequenting the East Coast. Earthquakes are shaking our homes, business and people in areas where the rumbles weren’t felt before. These are just two examples of how the weather patterns are causing uncertainty throughout the world.


So what does this have to do with personal property inventories? Many who felt they were safe from facing a natural disaster must now reconsider. People who never felt a need for an inventory now realize that a disaster could happen after all. And how will they recover without the knowledge and proof of what they owned? Would they want to file a claim quickly and receive a maximized settlement, or would they prefer to take months and months of uncertainty, finally filing a claim they know is not complete?


The weather patterns certainly have been the topic of many conversations recently. Share the need to be prepared for a disaster by creating a thorough list of your belongings. Having an inventory of your home and business contents will make the reality less stressful and less time-consuming when you need to file your claim.

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